Safe Station vs Safe Patient


Recently there has been some confusion regarding the difference between a Safe Station and a Safe Patient. To assist in clarifying the difference and to prevent miscommunication between transporting units and receiving facilities; the following definitions are being provided:


Safe Station– an encounter involving an individual requesting assistance with a heroin/opioid addiction from any fire station located in Anne Arundel County. The individual may become a patient if transported to a hospital. If the individual is determined to be a patient, the Crisis Response Team shall be contacted and advised that a Safe Station patient is being transported to the hospital by EMS. (The consultation or notification of the hospital shall not use the term safe patient or safe station patient)


Safe Patient– a term utilized to notify a receiving hospital that a sexual assault or suspected sexual assault patient is being transported to their facility. (reference page 166 Maryland Medical Protocols, ZZ. Trauma Protocol: Sexual Assault)


All providers should ensure that they are using the appropriate terminology when referring to the above referenced patients during any medical consultation or notification.

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