The Anne Arundel County Fire Department will be participating with other MIEMSS Region III
jurisdictions and hospitals in quarterly “Triage Tag Days”. The purpose of this is for providers
and hospitals to become more familiar with the use of the Maryland Triage Tags and the
START triage system.

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department will participate in accordance with the following schedule:

January 3, 2018, Wednesday,    0700-0700, A-Shift
January 4, 2018, Thursday,        0700-0700, B-Shift
January 5, 2018, Friday,             0700-0700, C-Shift
January 6, 2018, Saturday,        0700-0700, D-Shift

On the above specified days, the first arriving unit on a Medical/Trauma call will decide the
appropriate triage category (s) and secure a one to two foot section of an appropriate colored
triage ribbon to the transport stretcher denoting patient clinical (treatment) priority. The
transporting crew will be responsible for completely filling out a triage tag (both
sides). The triage tag will serve as the Stat Pad, recording the patient care information.
The triage tag will stay with the patient through transport and be given to the nurse receiving the
patient at the hospital.

We understand that not all hospitals participate in the Region III triage tag day.

If you transport to a hospital not in Region III or find a Region III hospital that is not
collecting tags, please place the tag number into the EMEDS PCR and discard entire tag

Due to HIPPA do not fill out a tag for a hospital that is not participating and leave it there, or
attempt to get the tag to an EMS Supervisor so that patient information is protected.

Personnel are to ensure that triage tag numbers are recorded in the appropriate location on
the EMeds PCR.

The receiving hospitals will keep the triage tags that are left by providers and report the data to
the Office of Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement, who in turn will provide feedback to the
Regional EMS Council and MIEMSS regarding the compliance by providers and the
completeness of the tags.

In preparation, personnel should review the following documents:

1) MIEMSS Triage System, Tag, START and Jump START
2) Maryland Triage System Incident Command

These documents can be found at:
Then click on “DOCUMENTS”; then scroll down.

Companies requiring additional quantities of Maryland Triage Tags and/or triage ribbon should obtain them through Logistics.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the appropriate EMS Supervisor or the QA/QI Office.

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